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Client Testimonials

“My goal is to reshape, tone, and achieving an overall lean healthy look. I don't have a lot of weight to lose, but if I happen to lose some weight, that would be great. Becky and Shelly are skilled at working target areas and providing a challenging fitness program to help you reach your goals.”
(Lisa Hall, Saginaw Township)

“I’ve always been afraid to strength train, but after working with Shelly and Becky I’ve learned how beneficial it really is for my body and I feel great. My arms, legs and butt look much more toned.”
(Ruth Mancina, Saginaw Township

Last fall Erin began working on her program for the purpose of improving her overall strength, quickness, flexibility, conditioning and athleticism. When Erin started out she was an average athlete with decent quickness, average strength for a girl her age, poor flexibility and good jumping ability. Over the past eight months with her regular workouts she has increased her strength tremendously. She was a thin girl when she started the program, and now she is more muscular and toned. She has mass but she is not bulky. She also has come to look forward to lifting weights instead of dreading it because of the strength she has gained over these past months.

Erin is a taller girl so flexibility has always been a problem. She has not reached the point where she is truly flexible but she has come a very long way. The one area she seemed to improve in is her jumping ability. It was very evident as she played middle blocker on the volleyball team and led the team in blocks mostly because of her jumping ability. She has competed on the varsity level in basketball, volleyball and now track, all as a sophomore. I do not think she could have competed as she did over the whole year had she not worked on this program.
( David Lecker)

Quickness, strength and confidence. These are all words I can use to describe the outcome of my training. Through this training I could tell I was getting quicker. This includes my reaction time, speed, and footwork. I can move faster now. In volleyball I can get to the ball quicker and react to movement better. Now, in track, I am able to get out of the blocks faster which equals better time.

With all the agility work, it gave me strength – especially in my legs. Strong legs mean better jumping ability. That does a lot when it comes to basketball and volleyball. I may have stronger legs, but this training hits your core area hard. I have noticed the biggest difference in my core.
A good core gives you the control you need in all sports. With this control, I gained better balance. I can stay on my feet better when getting a rebound. Now all this quickness, strength, and balance are working together to give me a new mental stage. I now have the confidence I need out on the court or field. I know I have everything it takes for athletics and I have this training to thank for all of it.
( Erin Lecker)

As their brother, I am of course biased. As a resident in London, England, I have a highly reputed and unfortunately very expensive trainer. Over a three-week period working with my sisters, I found that the Twin Peak Performance exercise regime and results it generated significantly exceeded the results I have achieved with any other trainer. I encourage you to experience the Twin Peak Performance advantage.
( Chad Raube, London)


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